How to create a Recurring Payments within RouteStarOnline

If you are using either PaySimple or as a payment processor, you are able to setup recurring payments within RouteStarOnline. This article will outline setting up and processing those payments. 

Part 1: Configuring your settings

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > System Settings > Payments

Step 2: Select your payment processor

Step 3: Decide if you need to override your default deposit account

Step 4: Enable Web and/or Mobile processing

Step 5: Enter your API Username and API Password if using PaySimple or the API Username and Transaction Key if using

Step 6: Click 'Save' at the bottom of the screen


Part 2: Creating Recurring Payments

Step1: Navigate to Invoices > Recurring Payments

Step 2: Select a customer using the drop-down selection inside an empty cell

  • Once you select a customer you will see the Balance, Total, and Actions columns populate with information and icons.

Step 3: Add a new method of payment to that customer by clicking on the '+' icon in the Actions column.

  • If you have already entered a card for the customer, simply skip this step.

Step 4: Select the method of payment in the 'Source' column

Step 5: Input the Next Run Date

Step 6: Select the Frequency at which the payment should recur



Part 3: Processing Recurring Payments

Step 1: Click on the table menu and select Create Batch.

Step 2: Enter the Date for the Batch. The Batch will include all payments with a run date prior to and including this date.

Step 3: Select Grouping (if any) and whether to include the customer's balance in the payment.

Step 4: Click Create Batch.

  • Note that now says Recurring Payment Batch at the top of the screen. We are now looking specifically at the batch we have just created.
  • Also note that there are no payments actually in the batch in the example GIF because no payment method was selected when creating the batch.

Step 5: Click on the table menu and select Process Batch to process all of the payments in the Batch.

  • You can click 'Clear Batch', then 'Recurring List' if you need to start this process over and make adjustments on the Recurring Payments screen.


Step 6: Navigate to Invoices > Payments to see the Payments you just processed and Post To QuickBooks