How to create and assign 'Missed Reasons' to a Route Stop in TheServiceProgramOnline

You can create custom 'Missed Reasons' to allow your drivers the ability to indicate why a particular stop did not get completed on a Route.

Part 1: Creating Missed Reasons

Step 1: Navigate to Routes > Route Schedule

Step 2: Access the table menu and select 'Missed Reasons'

Step 3: In the 'New Missed Reason' text field enter the name of the Missed Reason you are creating.

Step 4: Click the green Add Reason button


Part 2: Indicating a Missed Reason on a Route Stop

  • This process is done on the mobile side of the software by the Route User.

Part 1: Click 'Stop Details' for a Route Stop

Part 2: Clicked on the 'Missed Reason' selection field and choose the Missed Reason that indicates why the stop cannot be completed. 

Part 3: Click 'OK'


  • After this selection is made it can be seen on the Route Schedule page for Office Users