How to Utilize frequency specific pricing in RouteStarOnline

When Auto-generating Invoices you may wish to only include items in the customer pricing tab that relate to the particular frequency associated with any stop. In order to do so, you must first set the frequency for the items on the customer's pricing tab and then select 'Frequency only' when Auto-generating Invoices. These are covered below.

Part One: Assigning the Frequency to a customer-specific item

Step 1: Navigate to the Customer's pricing tab within the customer details

Step 2: Select the Frequency you wish to associate this particular item with. 

Step 3: Ensure that the Frequency you selected for the item matches the frequency of the stop(s) that are relevant to that item.


Part Two: Auto-generating Invoices but only including the Frequency specific items

Step 1: Navigate to the Route Schedule page and access the Table Menu

Step 2: Select Auto-generate

Step 3: Make your selections for Dates, Routes, and Customer

Step 4: Under 'What items from customer-specific pricing do you want to load?' make sure you select 'Frequency Specific'