How to create a Quote in TSPO

Step 1: Navigate to Leads & Quotes > Quote Entry

Step 2: Select the customer you want to create a quote for and click 'Save and Continue'

Step 3: Add the line items, notes, and any other details you need to the quote

Step 4: After hearing from the customer, check the 'Awarded' box for the line items they wish to order

Step 5: Navigate to the 'Steps after winning quote' tab and complete any steps you wish to take


  • Add Customer to QB will create a customer entry for the customer assigned to the quote unless they already have a customer account.
  • Assign to Route will open a new browser page on which you can select which route to add this customer to.
  • Add Items to Pricing will add any 'Awarded' items to the customer pricing information in RSO
  • Notify Driver will send a notification to the driver of the Route of the addition of this customer
  • Create Follow Up task will create a Task assigned to the customer with the awarded Line Items.