How to set the Default Delivery Method in TSPO

You will need to configure the Default Delivery Method for your customers. This will determine whether 'Print Later' or 'Email Later' is selected by default for invoices created for that customer. There are two different ways that you can make this selection for a customer outlined below.

Option 1: Changing the Default Delivery Method from the Customer Profile

Step 1: Navigate to a Customer Profile

  • You can get there by either navigating to Customers > Customer List and selecting them from the list or by typing their name in the 'Search Everything' bar located at the top of every page.

Step 2: Click on the Additional Info tab

Step 3: Click the text to the right of the Default Delivery Method and choose either Print, Email, or None. Then click the blue check mark to save.


Option 2: Changing the Default Delivery Method from the Additional Info page

Step 1: Navigate to Customers > Additional Info

Step 2: In the 'Default Delivery Method' column make your selection for each customer