How to create a Task in TheServiceProgram Online

Step 1: Navigate to Tasks > Dashboard01.png

Step 2: In the first field of the Task Entry section, begin typing to see a list of customers and make your selection.02.png

  • When you select a customer the Map section will travel to show you their location automatically.03.png
  • Note that you are not required to select a customer when creating a Task. You can assign Tasks to other users in the system without them.

Step 3: Select the Start Date and End Date of your Task.

  • The date and time will default to your current date and time until adjusted.
  • You can click the small clock icon under the Start Date selection calendar in order to select the time.04.png
  • After entering the Start Date, the system will automatically populate the End Date with the Task ending one hour from the Start Date.

Step 4: Select the Task Type

  • If you have not yet created your Task Types, you will need to do so by first click on 'Add/Edit List' in the Task Type field.05.png
  • This will bring up a popup window where you can now create additional Task Types.06.png
  • Once you have entered the Task Type information, click 'Add Type'07.png
  • You will now see your new Task Type listed in the table below.08.png

Step 5: Assign Users to the Task

  • If you know which User will be responsible for the Task at the time of its creation just type their User name into the field and select them. You will see their name appear in a blue box below the Assign Users field when they have been assigned. 09.png
  • Keep it mind it is possible to assign a single Task to multiple Users. All Users assigned to a Task will be able to open and/or complete the Task.
  • If you do not yet know who will be responsible for the Task you can leave this selection blank. A Task can be assigned at a later time.

Step 6: Click 'Create Task'10.png

  • You will now see two selections either 'Create Task' or 'Create Task/Open. The second option will simply open the Task details screen immediately after clicking it.