How to optimize a Route in TheServiceProgram Online

Although you can arrange the order of your Route Stops by directly inputting values into the 'Stop' column on the Route Schedule page, you may desire to have the order recommended for you. To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to the Route Mapping page01.png

Step 2: Expand the 'Map & Optimize' side menu02.png

Step 3: Select the Route you wish to optimize03.png

  • You can further narrow the selection of route stops that will be displayed by selecting additional filters such as frequency or zip code, though these will be used infrequently as we typically want to view the entirety of someone's schedule for a given day.
  • When selecting the date or date range you wish to see on the map, it's is important to keep in mind that this will refer to the 'Assigned Date' column on the Route Schedule page.
  • The traffic data field indicates whether or not you want the system to take current traffic information into account when optimizing the route. (i.e. avoid a wreck or road closure that is not typically present)

Step 4: Click 'Map'04.png

  • You will now see your Route Stops laid out on the map. The number on each stop indicates the 'Stop' value listed for that stop.
  • Take note of the Route Summary to the right of the map. After optimizing we will be able to compare this data with the optimized route. 05.png
  • By default your Routes will display in Red. This can become confusing as Google Maps uses Red for traffic indications. More information on changing the color for a Route can be found in Step 6 of How to add Routes/Crews

Step 5: Click 'Optimize'06.png

  • You will now see both the original route and the optimized route overlaid onto the map, as well as a second Route Summary displayed beneath the first.07.png
  • Additionally, below the Map View is the Stops View. Here we can see the original stop value as well as the newly recommended value. 08.png
  • You can click on the small blue crosshair icon in order to center the map onto that location.

Step 6: Click 'Save Changes'09.png

  • You will see a message appear confirming the changes have been made and that in order to see them you will need to re-map the Route. You can also see these changes on the Route Schedule page under the 'Stop' column.