How to temporarily re-assign a Route User to a Route Stop in RouteStar Online

It is often necessary to temporarily re-assign Route Stops for concerns such as employee call outs. The following steps will guide you through the process of re-assigning Route Users on the Route Schedule page.


Changing the Assigned User


Step 1: Navigate to the Route Schedule Page.CreateRoute01.PNG

Step 2: Under the 'Assigned To' column, change the Route User to the NEW temporary Route User.01.png

  • As soon as you make this change, the Route Stop will NO LONGER appear on the mobile app for the Route User that is under the 'Route' column, but WILL APPEAR on the mobile app for the Route User that is now under the 'Assigned To' column.

NOTE: Advancing the Route Schedule DOES NOT reset the 'Assigned To' column. This needs to be manually reset before you advance the Route Schedule using the steps below. Information about how to advance the Route Schedule can be found here.


Resetting Assigned Users

Step 1: Click 'Reset Assigned'03.png

Step 2: Make sure the 'Date' field corresponds to the 'Assigned Date' column and the 'Select Route' field corresponds to the 'Assigned To' column.02.png

Step 3: Click 'Reset'05.png

  • You should now see that the 'Assigned To' column has reverted to match the value in the 'Route' column.

Changing the Default Settings for Resetting Assigned Dates and Assigned To's

The steps above describe the default operation of the Assigned Columns within RouteStar, however you may wish to change how these resets occur in relation to Posting the Route Schedule forward.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > System Settings

Step 2: Click the 'Routes' tab on the right side

Step 3: Update the reset settings for either 'Reset Assigned To on Post' and/or 'Reset Assigned Date on Post'