How to initiate a Sync with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooksOnline will sync automatically once every 24 hours with RouteStarOnline. Occasionally you may find a need to initiate a manual sync between RouteStarOnline and QuickBooks Online. The steps to do so are outlined below.

Step 1: Navigate to the QuickBooks Dashboard within RouteStarOnline.01.png

Step 2: Click the appropriate syncing button.02.png

  • You can select to sync just Customer, Products & Services, or Everything. Note that syncing everything typically takes a bit longer.


At the bottom of the QuickBooks Dashboard page there is a drop down option that works in conjunction with the red 'Reload' button. This feature works somewhat differently that a simple sync. A reload will remove the selected entities entirely from RouteStarOnline and then repopulate them based on the QuickBooks data come the next sync.