How to Geocode Customers

It is important that your customer have an accurate latitude and longitude coordinates associated with their profile. The process for assigning those coordinates is called Geocoding and is detailed below.


Geocoding the Entire Customer List

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > System Settings01.png

Step 2: Select the Geocoding settings tab02.png

Step 3: Click Geocode entire customer list03.png

  • After clicking 'Geocode entire customer list' a new tab will be opened that will display the following message 


Step 4: Wait for the new tab to display Geocode complete message


Your customer list should now be Geocoded.


Geocoding an individual customer

Step 1: Navigate to a customer's profile06.png

Step 2: Click the 'Geocode' button at the top of the page07.png

  • After clicking 'Geocode' your page will refresh and you should now see Latitude and Longitude in the Customer's profile.