How to Add Routes/Crews

Please note that even though the screenshots presented below are shown in RouteStarOnline, the steps and selection locations are the same.

  • You must create at least 1 Route/Crew before you can create a Route Schedule. 
  • (Although you create office user accounts & manage both office and field users in the User Menu located under Settings, Field User accounts are created by adding a route/crew on the Route Schedule page. NEVER ADD field user accounts in the User Menu, always create them in Routes/Crews. For more information on adding Office Users click here.) 

Step 1: From the Route Schedule page click on the table menu and then select Routes/Crews.blobid0.png


Step 2: In the Pop-up window that appears, enter the name of the Route/Crew and click ‘Save’. Avoid the use of spaces when naming a Route/Crew

  • *When entering the User Name make sure you avoid the use of spaces. Make sure that there are no extra spaces at the end of your user name.
  • When creating the password keep in mind they ARE case sensitive.


blobid1.pngStep 3: You can now assign Route Stops to your new Routes/Crews



Step 4: By creating the Route/Crew you have also created a User profile that can log into the mobile app URL. They can also now be seen in the User List. blobid3.png

  Step 5: Clicking on the Username will open the User Detail screen where you can add more information about your Route/Crew. You can also manage the password for that user here, which by default is the same as their Username. blobid4.png

Step 6: It is also important that you select a unique color to represent this user when their Routes are displayed on the Route Map. UserColorRSO.png

  • When using the color picker tool it is important that you avoid using shades of Red, Green, and Orange as these colors are how Google Maps displays various levels of traffic and can lead to confusion when attempting to view your Routes.

Be sure to click the 'Save' button when you are finished making any changes!