How to setup Frequencies


Please note that even though the screenshots presented below are shown in RouteStarOnline, the steps and selection locations are the same.


  • Frequencies are used in both The Service Program and RouteStar Online to control when certain actions occur.

Step 1: Navigate to the Frequencies page by selecting Routes > Frequencies in the Navigation Menu.


Step 2: In the field that says 'New Frequency Name' type in the title of the Frequency you would like to create. (In the screenshot below the user is creating a frequency called "Annual")


Step 3: Select the appropriate options for how you wish this frequency to recur. 

  • You can set Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly recurring conditions
  • Daily frequencies can be set to recur after a specific number of days.EstablishingFrequencies04.jpg
  • Weekly frequencies can be set to recur on a specific day of the week and repeat every so many weeks.EstablishingFrequencies05.jpg
  • Monthly frequencies can be set to recur every so many months, as well as by specific date or nth day of the month.EstablishingFrequencies06.jpg
  • Yearly frequencies can be set to recur on a specific date, or nth day of a specific month.EstablishingFrequencies07.jpg

Step 4: Click the Save button at the bottom and you are done!