How to Advance Route Dates on the Route Schedule

  • Advancing the Route Dates on the Route Schedule is an integral part of operation within both The Service Program Online and RouteStar Online. Advancing Route Dates changes the date of any routes within the selected date range by the assigned frequency (ex. 7 days, 14 days, etc.) 

Step 1: Open the Route Schedule page and locate the ‘Advance Route Dates’ buttonblobid0.jpg

Step 2: Select the Start and End date 

  • Only select a range of dates that include days you have finished working. (This is very important. If you accidentally include dates with uncompleted stops, those stops can only be reverted manually back to the correct date(s).)  

Step 3: Click the ‘Advance Route Dates’ button and then click ‘Confirm’ in the window that appears. 


  • All routes that fall under the selected date ranges will have their ‘Date’ moved according to their frequency.  


For example, consider a route with a date set for a Monday with a frequency set to recur every 7 days.  blobid2.jpgAfter advancing the route the above table would then change as seen below. blobid3.jpg


  • You will need to advance the route dates at least as often as the frequency with the smallest time between iterations. Meaning that, if you have weekly recurring stops, you will need to advance your route schedule a minimum of once a week.