How to update your version of The Service Program.

1.  Copy the file that we gave you to the following location on your computer  C:\The Service Program


2. You will get a popup asking if you want to over write the existing file, click YES or Replace the file in the Destination. 


3.  Double click the icon for TSP on the desktop to open the program.


4.  IMPORTANT - ALL other computers MUST be out of The Service Program before Proceeding.  If they are not out, you will never be able to re link the tables.  Once you have finished relinking tables and you are signed into TSP on this workstation the others can go back into the software. 

Once all other users are out press Yes to continue.


5.  Make sure everyone is out of The Service Program and then click YES.


6.  Click Open on Every Pop up you get that looks like this.  


7.  Press OK


8.  You should now be able to login to the program.