How to Compact and Repair The Service Program Database

IMPORTANT - Before compact and repairing your Database it is highly recommended that you first, perform a backup of your database. 

Browse to C:\The Service Program and double click on the bedatabase.txt file to open it.



 When the document is open it should look like this.


When you get to the folder where the database is located, you will see the database file.

IMPORTANT - Be sure to CLOSE The Service Program on every machine or the compact wont allow you to continue and will let you know someone is still in the software. 

Double click on the database and it will open.


Click OK if you get this popup.


Click OPEN if you get this popup.


Click OK if you get this popup.


Click the Compact & Repair button.  You will notice a little green status bar at the bottom right hand corner will fill up.  Once its full it will disappear.  All you need to do is Click the X at upper right hand corner once that status bar is gone and the system will close this screen in a moment.


Now everyone can sign back in and use the software again.