How to update a customers Latitude and Longitude for Route Mapping

On occasion a Customers address will change or the system Geo-coded a customer when they did not have a complete address.  This article will show you how to manually adjust that customers Latitude and Longitude so they show up in the right spot in the Route Mapping area.

1.  First go to this website.  This website will help you get the new latitude and longitude for the customer in question.

2.  When on this site along the upper left hand side it will ask you to enter a full address (street address, city, state and zip code).    Enter the Address and click the button that says GO.


3.  The system will show you where that Address is on a Map and it will display the Latitude and Longitude for that address.


4.  In The Service Program, Go to the Customer list.  Locate the Customer and double click on their name.  This will bring you into the "Customer Detail".  Click on the tab that says "Additional Info". 

Copy the "Latitude" that the website gave you into the area called "Shipping Lat".

Copy the "Longitude" that the website gave you into the area called "Shipping Long".


5.  Click the button named "Update Mobile" and then hit YES on the popup.  It will sync and after a few seconds it will give you a popup that says Complete.  You are all done.  The customers Latitude and Longitude have been updated in both the desktop and Route Mapping Software.  You can now re map that Route and you will see the customer show up properly on the map.