How to force Windows to use Runtime to Start our software and stop issues when using RouteStar

This article will show you how to tell the computer to open up with Microsoft Run-Time and NOT Microsoft Access (Which is full of issues as of the latest windows update).  Please follow these instructions and the Machine will work after you flip it to Runtime.

FIRST - You MUST close ALL copies of our software on that Machine.

 1.  Locate our Software's Icon on the desktopRight Click on the icon and go to Open With -> Microsoft Access (you MUST select the Hot Pink icon).


2.  An install will start on the machine.  99% of the time you will be met with an error.  Click the IGNORE button if you get any errors.  You may see them show up 6 to 8 times.  Keep clicking IGNORE on any errors.  Eventually the software will start and it will look nice and clean with a white area along the top instead of the red color. 


3.  Sign into the software and you should be good to go.