Backing up the RouteStar Database

1: Make sure everyone is out of RouteStar

2: Go to C:\The OCS Program\bedatabase.txt


3.Double click file to open it should open in notepad .This will tell you where the database is located. From here you can browse to that location, by using Computer or Windows explorer.



4: If you see the Duplicate file names and one of them ends in .ldb, it means that someone is still in the program and you cannot back up the database until everyone is out. Please check again and make sure everyone is out of the program.



Once everyone has exited RouteStar, and you no longer see the .ldb locking record, you can now create a folder named DB Backup with the date, and copy the database to that folder.

IMPORTANT - Saving the database to the local Machine is NOT a recommended full backup procedure.  We ALWAYS recommend that you move this to an external drive or get a backup service such as "Carbonite" which backs up and moves those files to an external server every night.