NEW - Recurring Customer Popup Notes on Mobile Invoices

This short tutorial will walk you through the new feature available in our latest RouteStar Mobile version. If you do not see this feature in your app, please submit a ticket to and our tech department will schedule an update for you.

The update allows you to set a note for a customer and have that note show up on every invoice until removed. Think of this as your own personal whiteboard for each customer which can be seen and modified on any invoice for that customer.

Step 1:

When opening an invoice, if the customer has never had a note set you will see the new button to add a note.


Step 2:

When you press Add New Note you will have a large text field to enter notes into (inventory counts, reminders, etc).


Step 3:

Once the note has been set, every time you open an existing or new invoice for that account you will be prompted to see the note, make changes, or dismiss.

If you press the yellow “Dismiss” button, it will simply hide the popup for this one invoice, think of it as marking an email as “read”.


Step 4:

Even if a note has been dismissed, if a note exists it will be shown in the Customer Notes section where when pressing the edit button will open the popup allowing you to edit the note. The remove button will only show up if your security level is set to level 1. Pressing the remove button with wipe the note out of the system. (Its gone forever).