How to Setup and Install Bluetooth Printers and Printer Share

Part 1: Configure Zebra Printer

Install Zebra Setup Utilities (detailed setup instructions and videos available from Zebra by clicking HERE)

Connect Zebra Printer to PC via USB Cable

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Once the printer is connected and you have downloaded and installed Zebra Setup Utilities (Found above), we need to open Zebra Setup Utilities and configure the printer to use a Bluetooth connection.

1: Click the printer in the top box and then select the button labeled “Configure Printer Connectivity”

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2: In the window that opened, select Bluetooth and then click next.

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 3: Give the printer a unique name make sure discoverable is set to ON and authentication is OFF. Then click next.

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4: Click next at the bottom of the page.

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5:  Select Printer and then finish. You should see your printer restart. When it comes back on you have successfully setup that printer to work with Bluetooth and Printer Share.

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Part 2: Setting up Printer Share on the Mobile Device

You will need to download the Printer Share App from either the Google Play Store, or from Apple App Store. Once downloaded, open up the app and follow the screenshots below: