Mappoint Explanation

Regarding your question:

Westrom Software solutions seamlessly works with MS MapPoint. MapPoint is the most used and robust mapping software in the world.

As you may have noticed, MapPoint 2013 is going to be the final edition and Microsoft is ending support in July, 2015. MS is trying to migrate (force) everyone from MapPoint to BING Maps. Westrom Software will be releasing a seamless integration with robust features and functions available for Mapping.

Current development project is to seamlessly integrate with GOOGLE MAPS.

Just like QuickBooks, you need to obtain from a supplier. MS MapPoint is only needs to be installed on a PC that is performing optimization of mapping routes. Try on or MS site. MS website offers 2 weeks or 2011 for 30 days free. Westrom software package is compatible with 2008 or newer versions.

As a reminder, during the live demo we showed that you can populate Lat/Longs for each and every service address. So even if the local township changes the name of the street the Lat/Long has not changed. When you click, MAP or MAPPING within the desktop software the LAT/LONG trumps the street address and uses within MapPoint.

We recommend using two monitors to view and run both software – Westrom Software solutions and MapPoint.

When your company has field personnel utilizing the robust Mobile Solution option, they are not using MS MapPoint. Map direction to customers (on route schedule or tasks) uses the device’s native application – Google maps or Apple maps.