Billing Increment for User Definable 2


Rental based on 30 calendar days and includes weekends and Holidays

Days to week Rate: On the 4th day of rental, the system will charge the weekly rate

Weeks to Month Rate: On the 21st day of rental, the system will charge the month rate.



Lets say I run progress billing on 1/31/15 and the item was returned on 2/14/15. According to this rental, the Invoice amount would be $697.50 on 1/31/15. When I run Billing for february on 2/28/15 the total amount from the first day out until 2/14/15 would be $1012.50. Since I ran ran progress billing on 1/31/15, the system would take the total amount due $1012.50 and subtract the previous progress billing amount of $697.50. (1012.50 - 697.50 = $315.00 due for February