RouteStar Updates and Change Log

Description Version Date
Added 5 custom fields to route sheet and put invoice date in the service date field when batch posting 5.8 12/16/2014
Added automation when creating an invoice to add assinged to and sub-assinged to for customers on route schedule 5.8 12/16/2014
Added button to customer detail called "Create Invoice". 5.8 12/16/2014
Added on/off switch for popup asking to update the parent pricing when adding new items 5.8 12/16/2014
Fixed issue with level 1 users who could not use the account number drop down 5.8 12/16/2014
Added Security Role to stop users from entering the "Control Table" area of RouteStar 5.8 12/24/2014
Fixed issue with assigned tasks not updating to mobile platform if changed on desktop 5.9 1/8/15
Fixed issue with assigned invoices not updating to mobile platform if changed on desktop 5.9 1/8/15
Fixed issue with route changes inside customer detail not updating mobile platform 5.9 1/8/15
Changed the way we use a behind the scenes feature to track route schedule changes to eliminate the “run query” after each change. 5.9 1/8/15
Resolved issue with reload of customers from Quick Books deleting zones 5.13  7/29/15
Resolved issue with customer type not displaying in RouteStar 513 7/29/15
Fixed issue with hash tags displaying on printed invoice when date and time is changed 5.13 8/4/15
Fixed issue with reset button not resting pre-billing page 5.13 8/4/15
Fixed issue with customer notes popup not prompting when customer is selected for task 5.13 8/4/15
Added date modified field to open invoice list 5.13 8/4/15
Added Rental Sync option for QR Code system 5.13 8/12/15
Added Canadian Sales Tax to Mobile Devices 5.13 8/12/15
Fixed issue where changing username on user list not updating mobiles 5.13 10/5/15
Fixed issue where the date on an invoice was not updating on the mobiles 5.13 11/17/15
Added two new reports, Open Invoice Report Zeros Detail, and Summary By Item Negative 5.13 11/17/15
Fixed recurring tasks show and retain associated rentals 5.13 12/9/15
Fixed issue where UPC code was not syncing to the mobiles to be used by bar code scanner 5.13 12/9/15
Fixed issue where customer notes and additional info was not updating to the mobiles 5.14 1/22/16
Added reload of customers and items to mobile sync menu 5.14 2/16/16
Added Latitude and Longitude fields into control table 5.14 2/18/16
Fixed issue with a sales tax discrepancy between mobile platform and desktop software 5.14 4/20/16
Fixed issue where the NO setting for items to to be displayed on mobiles was not being respected 5.14 4/20/16