The Service Program Updates and Change Log

Description Version Date
Fixed task due dates not syncing to Mobiles 10.28 11/28/14
Fixed creating a task from a Quote, the sales rep did not carry over 10.28 11/28/14
Added Customer Parent to Export of Miscellaneous Customer Information 10.28 11/28/14
Fixed Route ticket history showing everyone's route ticket. 10.28 11/28/14
Added Parent column to leads list 10.28 11/28/14
Fix for printing task from lead and showing info correctly 10.28 11/28/14
Fixed error when duplicating a closed task with line items 10.28 11/28/14
Fixed Bookmark for item description when printing a task 10.28 11/28/14
Added Ship to line one to Standard Task printouts 10.28 11/28/14
Enlarged schedule view to default to largest size and can be re sized down 10.28 11/28/14
Added Misc 1 and Misc 2 from additional info to Route Sheets Version 3 Condensed 10.28 11/28/14
Added group items to quotes 10.28 11/28/14
Changed criteria for the Item Summary report to be based on QTY, not total of invoice 10.28 11/28/14
Added the ability to add a task type via the group option in the Route Schedule 10.28 12/16/2014
Added agreement number from Rental invoice table to Sync Query 10.28 12/16/14
Added Company from customer table into rental invoice header when selecting customer 10.28 12/16/14
Added a button called "duplicate rental" 10.28 12/16/14
Fixed issue syncing crews to the mobiles 10.28 12/16/14
Added support for European Currency 10.28 12/16/14
Added automation to post route stop forward after task has been marked as completed 10.28 12/16/14
Fixed issue rental agreement number not syncing to web template 10.28 12/16/14
When web template opening function to display link to web instead of opening the brower (Control table setting) 10.28 12/16/14
Fixed issue where a blank space was placed on top of customer list when un-checking "Is Lead" 10.28 12/16/14
Added new route sheet called Version 4 Pool 10.31 2/12/15
Fixed issue when printing customer equipment not properly displaying data 10.31 2/12/15
Fixed issue where customer detail was deleted when deleting specific pricing 10.31 2/12/15
Added functionality to sync new leads from mobiles to desktop 10.31 2/12/15
Added new version of work called "All Customer info fields v2" 10.31 2/12/15
Fixed issue where rental items were not printing in correct order 10.31 2/12/15
Added ability for PO number to populate task when generating stops to tasks 10.31 2/12/15
Fixed issue where updated address was not populating the printed task 10.31 2/12/15
Added ability to prevent tasks being posted to notes without being invoiced first 10.31 2/12/15
Added the ability for kit pricing to update when syncing with QuickBooks 10.31 2/12/15
Fixed issue with syncing updated crew member information 10.31 2/12/15
Added option to control table to turn off populating route notes from rental transaction 10.31 2/12/15
Fixed issue with last service date on route sheet Version 3 Condensed  10.31 2/12/15
Added delete option to right click under routes in customer detail 10.31 2/12/15
Fixed SQL error when running route ticket reports from route report center 10.31 2/12/15
Adjusted the layout for route sheet Version 3 Condensed 10.31 2/12/15
Fixed issue where contact information was not appearing on recurring tasks 10.31 2/12/15
Added the route time populated on route schedule to populate a route ticket 10.31 2/12/15
Fixed issue where due date was not updating on web when using Schedule View 10.31 2/12/15
Fixed issue with updating all route stops with this date 10.31 2/12/15
Fixed issue with default pro-rate selection not being respected 10.34 7/22/15
Fixed issue deleting custom label under Equipment Detail 10.34 7/22/15
Fixed issue with QTY and Amount fields being reversed on Rental Billing Transaction page 10.34 7/22/15
Fixed issue where lead was duplicated after syncing with mobiles 10.34 9/2/15
Fixed Syncing Replacement Cost on Rentals Tab in Control Table. 10.34 9/16/15
Added Prompt to delete recurring task from mobiles 10.34 10/6/15
Fixed issue where the route schedule was not respecting the first day of selected months 10.34 10/13/15
Fixed issue where the rental inventory list was not updating the item name when edited in Quick Books 10.34 10/13/15
Added new report called Quoted Item Summary Report 10.34 10/13/15
Added Analyze with Excel to Vehicle Equipment List 10.34 10/13/15
Fixed issue with tasks showing up twice on print out 10.35 11/16/15
Fixed issue with yearly recurring task not generating properly 10.35 11/16/15
Fixed issue where equipment did not attach to recurring tasks 10.35 11/16/15
Fixed issue where recurring tasks were duplicating the first task in the series 10.35 11/16/15
Fixed issue where PO number was not showing up on recurring tasks 10.35 11/16/15
Fixed link to Customer Preferred Pricing Page 10.35 12/2/15
Fixed issue where the due date of 1899 was showing on the first two recurring tasks in the series 10.35 12/9/15
Expanded checklist drop down to see more of the checklist name 10.35 12/11/15
Fixed issue where class set on rental transaction was not posting to Quick Books 10.35 1/11/16
Added reload of customers and items to mobile sync menu 10.36 2/16/16
Locked down route ticket so that group labels and sort order cannot be modified 10.36 2/16/16
Fixed issue with check list printing numerous times 10.36 3/31/16
Fixed issue where sales tax was not applying to customers created from within a rental transaction 10.36 3/31/16
Fixed issue with deleting recurring tasks for those without mobiles 10.36 4/11/2016
Fixed issue where start and end time was not updating the route schedule 10.36 4/11/2016
Fixed issue where the number of route tickets was not updating the quantity on the memorized transaction list 10.36 4/18/16
Fixed issue where corruption was present on the repair tab of a serial number 10.36 4/25/16
Fixed issue with checklist not auto adding to check list tab from task detail 10.37 6/1/16