Q. When trying to update from Quickbooks i am getting and error that says I have to activate QODBC?

A. If you contact Tech support they can assist in getting this registered for you.


Q. I just updated Quickbook's to the newest version and now QODBC is not working?

A.  When you upgrade QuickBooks from one major version to another (I.E. QB 2013 to QB 2014) the QODBC codes expire/break. Once this happens, new QODBC codes need to be purchased and setup with the newest version of QODBC. We purchase the codes in bulk so we are able to pass along the cost of the codes at $60.00 per machine. If you go to QODBC they will charge $200.00 per code. This is QODBCs policy and has nothing to do with our company as QODBC is the 3rd party provider that QBs allows to perform this sync.

You only have to apply these codes onto machines that need to be able to sync between QB and TSP (Each machine is 1 code so it will cost $60.00 per machine that needs to have a code). In theory, you really only have to have 1 machine perform the sync between QB and TSP as the other machines that log into TSP will see any updates that have been applied (I.E. Syncing in new customers, items, etcc…). However, you may want more than 1 machine to have the ability to sync info between QB and TSP but that is entirely up to you.


Q. I am getting an active x error when I try to map in The Service Program.

A. Usually an active x error means that you do not have Microsoft Mappoint installed. Mappoint is a 3rd party app and is not included when you purchase our software.