How to Automatically Add a "Resolution" from a Task into an Invoice (Notes Item)

Adding an (inventory or non inventory) line item to your quick books file is highly recommended as our software will utilize this line item when tasks have been invoiced.  

When you create an invoice from a task the system will automatically add the "Notes" line item with the resolution of the task into the invoice.

If a line item is not associated with the completion of tasks you may receive an error when attempting to post the "Invoice" into Quick Books.  This is how to properly set up the Line Item in Quick Books and The Service Program.

1. Open Quickbooks

Now we will need to attach that line item in The Service Program to make sure when you invoice a task, the resolution will always show up on the invoice with the line item named "Notes".

At the top of the Service Program go to Misc Info -> System -> Control Table Maintenance.

On the Control Table Maintenance screen you will want to click the drop down next to "Default Notes Item" and Select the line item you made which is named "Notes".  Then click the Close Button.

Once you click the Close button the system will save the changes and you will be all set to invoice from a task.