Setting up Routes (RS)


To setup our service frequencies, open the Route Schedule by clicking the Routing drop down button on the top menu and then selecting Route Schedule.

Then in the first field labeled frequency, double click to open the Route Frequency Maint. window

The Picture below demonstrates how to setup the route frequencies.

A). Type a name for your first frequency in box A such as weekly, monthly, bi-weekly…etc…

B). In field B type the length of days for the first frequency, For example if you put Weekly in box A then the length of days in box B should be 7.


D). Click this button if you want it to be the default frequency when setting up your routes.

E). Click this button if after posting your routes at the end of the week you want the route stop to be deleted from the route schedule. This is useful when creating a “One-Time” route frequency.

Below shows an example of a correctly filled out Frequency Maint. Window.

Close the Frequency Maint. Window so you are not back to the route schedule. We should now see the different frequencies we setup in the frequency drop down, if not just close and reopen the page to refresh it.

    • Setting up Route Techs

From the settings User List is where you would set up route techs in RouteStar.

The picture below describes how to setup the different route techs.

A). In the User Name field setup general names for your routes. We recommend R1 for route 1, R2 for route 2 … etc… You could also use T1 for Truck 1 or M1 for Maintenance 1 and so on.

B). In the Password field, set up user password.

C). You can use the status field to enable the user.

D). Set the security level.

E). Set the timezone.

F). Set the Department.

G). Email address of user.

H). Phone number of user.


J). Set the Class

K). Sales Rep.

L). Default task view.

M). N/A

N). N/A


    • Adding Stops to your schedule

Now from the route schedule screen, select your first frequency, and route technician as shown below 

To continue setting up the first route, fill out the rest of the route schedule screen as shown below. 

A). Select the date from the route date field, the Day and Assigned fields that follow will be filled in automatically.

B). Select the customer from the Customer Field.

C). In the route notes field, type in anything that you want the field tech to see, this is printed on the route sheets and visible on the iPhones and Droids. Some examples are: Regular Service, or Beware of Dogs, or even call customer before arriving. Now Continue this process until you have your routes setup.