How to Create a Task in RouteStar

A task is defined as a definite piece of work assigned to, falling to, or expected of a person. We can use the word task interchangeably with work orders. Tasks in RouteStar help deviate workload in an organized, color coded manner. Tasks can be filtered by department or by person assigned to that task for easy work management and report printing. Tasks can also be used to script incoming calls to create a standardized template for getting the most important information from the customer when they call.

Step1How to create a task in RouteStar.

To Create a new task in RouteStar click the drop down along the top that says, "Tasks and Work Orders" then select "Task Entry".

Step2Required information to create or close a task.

Now you are ready to enter information into this Task.  We have listed the "Required" fields for Creating and Closing a task.  However, you can utilize all other options within a task to get exactly what you need. 

A.  Customer - A customer name can be typed and added on the fly or can be selected via the drop down.  The drop down will display a list of all customers in alphabetical order.

B.  Task Type - Task type is used for describing what type of work is needed.  Start typing into the task type box to add a new "task type" or to select an existing one.

C.  Task Description - Task Description is an area to further describe the problem or work that will need to be completed.

Please note - There is a "Character Limit" of 255 characters inside of the "Task Description" box. In other words, you will only be able to add 255 letters, numbers or spaces in this area.  If you need to add more detailed information on the "Task Description" please use the "Task Specific Notes" area listed in letter "D".

D.  Task Specific Notes - The Task Specific Notes alllow you to add all the extra details of the Job that you could not fit into the "Task Description".  There is No Limit as to how much information that you can add into the "Task Specific Notes" area.

E.  Resolution - The Resolution is required and must be entered Before you willbe able to close or invoice from a task.  Please Note that this should be entered when you are ready to Complete or Invoice the task and NOT when the task is first created.

F.  Assigned To - The Assigned To is used to select the Person/User that this task will be assigned to.  If this person needs to pass the task along to another user they can change the "Assigned To" or select the other persons name in the area that says, "Sub Assigned To".