How to Create Custom Word Templates

Web and MS Word Templates

Don't feel like doing this yourself? Have one of our professionals do it for you!

If you want to use customized templates, forms or reports, please contact your Sales Professional to go over this simple process to have them created unique for your company.

Depending on your request, templates labor fees are $199/per template or more.  If you are interested in this option, Click Here to Email

The Service Program offers a unique way to customize the forms for printing. We have the ability to create a custom word document and use that as a template for printing from the desktop.

When using the Mobile Solution, you can have customized Web Templates created to have the ability from the desktop to print/ email or while in the field to email or print using compatible printers.

Depending on your request, templates labor fees are $199/per web template or more. 

    • Video Demo

      Above is a short video walkthrough how to create a simple word template for tasks inside The Service Program.

    • Task BookMark Names

      Below is a picture of all the available bookmarks you can use when creating a word template for a task.

      A:   ParentRefFullName_1_1 O:   Type_1_1
      B:   FullName_1_1 P:   TaskDescription_1_1
      C:   ShipAddressAddr1_1_1 Q:   TaskSpecificNotes_1_1
      D:   ShipAddressAddr2_1_1 R:   Resolution_1_1
      E:   ShipAddressAddr3_1_1 S:   PONumber1_1_1
      F:   ShipAddressCity_1_1 T:   TxnDate1_1_1
      G:   ShipAddressState_1_1 U:   DueDate1_1_1
      H:   ShipAddressPostalCode_1_1 V:   EnteredBy_1_1
      I:   ContactPerson_1_1 W:   AssignedTo_1_1
      J:   AltContact_1_1 X:   SubAssigned_1_1
      K:   EmailAddress_1_1 Y:   TimeFrameRequested_1_1
      L:   ContactPhoneNumber_1_1 Z:   StartTime1_1_1
      M:   AltPhone_1_1 AB:   EndTime1_1_1
      N:   CustomerZone1_1_1 AC:   TicklerID_1_1
          AD:   Priority1_1_1

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  • Quote BookMark Names

    Below is a picture of all the available bookmarks you can use when creating a word template for a quote.

    A:   CustomerRefFullName_1_1 T:   EnteredBy_1_1
    B:   BillAddressAddr1_1_1 U:   SalesRepRefFullName_1_1
    C:   BillAddressAddr2_1_1 V:   ClassRefFullName_1_1
    D:   BillAddressAddr3_1_1 W:   PONumber1_1_1
    E:   BillAddressCity_1_1 X:   QuoteGoodUntil_1_1
    F:   BillAddressState_1_1 Y:   QuoteDescription_1_1
    G:   BillAddressPostalCode_1_1 Z:   FollowupDate1_1_1
    H:   Contact_1_1 AB:   DateAwarded1_1_1
    I:   QuoteType_1_1 AC:   DateRejected1_1_1
    J:   TxnDate1_1_1 AD:   RejectionReasonCode_1_1
    K:   ShipAddressAddr1_1_1 AE:   ItemRefFullName_1_1
    L:   ShipAddressAddr2_1_1 AF:   InvoiceLineDESC_1_1
    M:   ShipAddressAddr3_1_1 AG:   InvoiceLineQuantity1_1_1
    N:   ShipAddressCity_1_1 AH:   InvoiceLineRate1_1_1
    O:   ShipAddressState_1_1 AI:   InvoiceLineAmount1_1_1
    P:   ShipAddressPostalCode_1_1 AJ:   customnumber11_1_1
    Q:   Phone_1_1 AK:   customnumber21_1_1
    R:   EmailAddress_1_1 S:   Deposit1_1_1

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Route Ticket BookMark Names

1:    CustomerName_1_1 15:    InvoiceLineRate1_1_1
2:    Txndate_1_1 16:    InvoiceLineAmount1_1_1
3:    route_1_1    
4:    Stop_1_1    
5:    ArrivalTime1_1_1    
6:    DepartureTime1_1_1    
7:    PDAInvoiceID1_1_1    
8:    SalesRep_1_1     
9:    Class_1_1    
10:    BeginningMeterReading_1_1    
11:    EndingMeterReading_1_1    
12:    InvoiceLineItemRefFullName_1_1    
13:    InvoiceLineDESC_1_1    
14:    InvoiceLineQuantity1_1_1    


Rental Contract BookMark Names:

ID1_1_1 Rental Invoice Order Number  
TxnDate1_1_1 Rental Tranaction Creation Date  
STime_1_1 Start Time  
ETime_1_1 End Time  
EnteredBy_1_1 Who Created the Rental  
CustomerRefFullName_1_1 Customer Name or Job  
BillAddressAddr1_1_1 Bill Address Line 1  
BillAddressAddr2_1_1 Bill Address Line 2  
BillAddressAddr3_1_1 Bill Address Line 3  
BillAddressCity_1_1 Bill Address City  
BillAddressState_1_1 Bill Address State  
BillAddressPostalCode_1_1 Bill Address Zip Code  
ShipAddressAddr1_1_1 Ship Address Line 1  
ShipAddressAddr2_1_1 Ship Address Line 2  
ShipAddressAddr3_1_1 Ship Address Line 3  
ShipAddressCity_1_1 Ship Address City  
ShipAddressState_1_1 Ship Address State  
ShipAddressPostalCode_1_1 Ship Address Zip  
PONumber1_1_1 PO Number  
RentalInvoice.SalesTaxPercentage_1_1 Sales Tax  
ReservationBeginDate_1_1 Reservation Begin Date  
ReservationEndDate_1_1 Reservation End Date  
BillingGroup_1_1 Billing Group  
BillingIncrement_1_1 Billing Increment  
DeliveryNotes_1_1 Delivery Notes  
TransactionNotes_1_1 Transaction Notes  
PickupNotes_1_1 Pickup Notes  
PickupDriver_1_1 Pickup Driver  
pudate_1_1 Pick Up Date  
RentalInvoiceType_1_1 Transaction Type  
DeliveryDriver_1_1 Delivery Driver  
EstimatedReturnDate_1_1 Estimated Return Date  
Commission_1_1 Commission  
JobTelephone_1_1 Telephone  
RentalStartDate1_1_1 Rental Start Date  
RentalEndDate1_1_1 Rental End Date  
DeliveryDate1_1_1 Delivery Date  
JobContact_1_1 Contact  
SalesRep_1_1 Sales Rep  
RentalInvoiceTotal_1_1 Rental Invoice Total  
InvoiceLineItemRefFullName_1_1 Item Name  
InvoiceLineDESC_1_1 Item Description  
SerialNumber_1_1 Serial Number  
InvoiceLineQuantity1_1_1 Quantity  
InvoiceLineRate1_1_1 Line Item Rate (Charge for Item)  
InvoiceLineAmount1_1_1 Line Item Total  
Prorate_1_1 Pro-Rate  
RunOnce_1_1 Run Once  
DateReturned_1_1 Date Returned  
Location_1_1 Location  
DailyCharge1_1_1 Daily Rate  
WeeklyCharge1_1_1 Weekly Rate  
MonthlyCharge1_1_1 Monthly Rate  
AssignedRoute_1_1 Select Route  
AssignedDate_1_1 Select Date  
AssignedFrequency_1_1 Select Frequency  
SiteContact_1_1 Site Contact  
Deldate_1_1 Deliver Date  
SitePhone_1_1 Site Telephone  
serialnumbers_1_1 Assigned Serial Number Box