Rental Inventory Setup (TSP)

To Setup rentals in TSP, you must first have an item setup in QuickBooks to use as a place holder for the rented piece of equipment. To do this, in QuickBooks, Click on Lists on the top menu then select Item List.

Then we need to create a new item so at the bottom of the Item List, Click on Item and then New towards the top of the menu.

Create a new service item just like I have using the picture below as a guide.

Now let’s go into The Service Program. Make sure you update your inventory from QuickBooks so we can use the newly created line items. Once in TSP, click on the Rental Info Drop Down and then select Rental Inventory List to setup our rented equipment.

Create your physical rental inventory on this screen. We need to select the item we created in QuickBooks, give the unit a serial number and then set its Daily, Weekly and Monthly Charges.

Once you have setup the inventory you have to rent out. You can close this page by click Close in the top right corner.