Mapping Drive (Windows 7)

From within the Computer Window
1. Open the Start Menu and click on the Computer button on the right dark side.

2. Click on the Map network drive toolbar button. (see screenshot below)
Map Network Drive-step1.jpg
3. Select a drive letter that you want to be assigned to this mapped network drive. (see screenshot below)
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4. Click on the Browse button. (see screenshot below)
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5. Select a listed shared folder on your computer OR ashared network folder that you want to have mapped as a drive, then click on OK. (see screenshot below)
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6. If you want to always have the map network drive available in the Computer window, then check the Reconnect at logon box. (see screenshot below)
NOTE: If you do not check the Reconnect at logon box, then the mapped network drive in Computer will be disconnected (unmapped) automatically whenever you log off or restart the computer next

7. If you want to log on to the network for the shared network folder with a different user name and password than what you already have set for this network connection, then check theConnect using different credentials box. (see screenshot below step 9)
NOTE: Normally you would leave this option unchecked unless you wanted to log on as a different user on the network than the default one you already have set up.
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8. Click on Finish. (see screenshot below step 6)

9. If you checked the Connect using different credentialsbox in step 7, then you will now be prompted to enter the user name and password that you want to use instead to log on to the network with. If you want to be automatically logged on each time you open the mapped network drive, then check the Remember my credentials box. Click on OK after entering them. (see screenshot below)
NOTE: If not, then skip this step and continue to step 10

Note   Note
If you are mapping drives/folders on a NAS, then you will need to use something like User-name@User-PC as your username instead + password.
Map Network Drive-step6b.jpg
10. You will now have a mapped network drive of this shared folder or shared network folder in Computer. (see screenshot below)
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