How to Properly Setup Your Customer Ship and Billing Locations in QuickBooks

How to setup your Customer Shipping and Billing Addresses to work properly with The Service Program.

Step1.  Once of the most common things that we encounter after importing our QuickBooks data is when looking at the customer list in The Service Program, the location address information seems to be blank.


Step2.  If you double click on the customers name that is listed in blue and underlined you will be brought to the "customer detail" page.  As you can see below, my shipping address information in blank for this customer.

Step3.  To set this up properly, we need to make sure its formatted correctly in QuickBooks. Open the QuickBooks Customer detail for the customer in question.  Press the copy button to copy the Bill information to the Shipping OR you can enter a different Shipping Address.   In this situation, we have simply hit the "Copy" button shown below.

Step4.  In the Pop up, make sure that the customers physical service address is in line 2 of the shipping address box as shown below.  Then press OK when finished to save.

Step5.  Now, Go back into The Service Program and press the "Update QuickBooks" button on the top menu and then select the "Update Only CUstomers" button which is located on the "QuickBooks Maintenance Menu".

Step6.  We now can see in either the customer list or in the customer detail that the software is showing the correct location addresses.