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DESCRIPTION: 2” x 2” All Weather Permanent Adhesive Label

FACESHEET:  A white topcoated polyester featuring excellent tear strength, heat resistance, dimensional stability, opacity, and chemical resistance.

 ADHESIVE:  A high performance permanent adhesive with balanced adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including low surface energy plastics, engineering grade plastics, bare, coated, or painted metals, including powder coat and enamel paints.  It features excellent chemical and UV resistance for outdoor industrial applications.

Shelf Life:  One year when stored at 72ºF at 50% RH

Application Information:

Minimum Application Temperature:  +50º F

Service Temperature Range:  -40ºF - + 302º F

Application Instructions:

Label will perform best when all steps are taken below. A flat*, vertical, non-direct sunlight, and weather protected surface is recommended. Surfaces with little to no texture are preferred.

  1. Make sure outside temperature and surface temperature are at or above +50º F. Do not install if below 50º F.
  2. Make sure surface is free and clean of all debris, dirt, dust, oil, grease, water, or other sorts of materials that may hinder the adhesive performance.
  3. We suggest prepping surface as best as possible using denatured alcohol or solvent wipes for tougher materials that may be stuck to the surface. Be sure to clear any finger prints or moister build up before proceeding.
  4. Wipe down surface with a clean, dry, lint free cloth to insure area is free of any moisture after cleaning is complete.
  5. Peel and apply label to prepped surface and allow to set for 24-48 hour before put into field. (When Possible)



*Labels can be applied to slightly curved surfaces however a severely curved or irregular surface can decrease adhesion and/or prevent user from scanning barcode. Care should always be taken to find a flat surface when possible.