RSO - How to sync with QuickBooks Online

Updating RouteStar from QuickBooks Online

To sync RouteStar with QBO, first we have to open the QB Dashboard. Do so by clicking the QB icon in the top right corner near your username followed by clicking the button to go to the dashboard.

We can now use the QB Dashboard to sync data with QuickBooks Online. Pressing the blue "Sync Everything" button will update the following areas in RouteStar:

  • Customers
  • Customer Groups
  • Items
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Classes
  • Sales Reps
  • Terms
  • Vendors
  • Payment Methods
  • Sales Tax

Use the green "Customers" and "Products & Services" buttons to quickly sync those respective lists with QB Online without waiting on syncing everything else.

You can also use the dropdown towards the bottom of the page to sync/reload just a single area from QuickBooks Online. For instance, if you have created a new payment method in QBO and you want to see that in RouteStar right away, use the dropdown to select "Payment Methods" and press the red "Reload" button.


Creating Customers in RouteStar to sync to QuickBooks Online

To create a customer in RouteStar Online, from the left menu expand the "Customers" option and then select "Customer Entry". Fill out the customer entry form and then press the blue "Create Customer/Lead" button at the bottom of the page.

Unlike QB Desktop, when creating customers with QBO, the moment you press the blue create button, the customer is instantly created in QuickBooks Online, there is do delay or queue or sync that needs to be done.


Posting Invoices to QuickBooks Online

There are several ways to send or post an invoice to QuickBooks Online. You can either bulk post from the pending invoice list by route and date range, batch post with the option to combine invoices for the same customer or post a single invoice from within the invoice details.

Bulk Posting:

Batch Posting:

Posting Single Invoice:



Again, like creating customers, there is no delay or queue or sync that you have to do, the moment you press "Post to QBO" the invoice(s) will be instantly transferred to QBO.


Importing Invoice History from QuickBooks Online into RouteStar

Due to the possible large amount of historical invoices that could sync, we do not include invoice history in the "Sync Everything" button. We have a separate button where you can import all your invoice history from QBO.