How to update one Item at a time from QuickBooks Desktop

We have created a new option inside of The Service Program.  This option allows you to update one item at a time from QuickBooks desktop.

Please Note:  This option is ONLY available with QuickBooks desktop at this time.  This option does not currently work with QuickBooks Online.

How to update one customer at a time from QuickBooks Desktop:

1. First, you must make changes to your item/inventory within the quickbooks side.  For example you can change the item description, pricing, etc...


2.  Next, you will need to make your way to the item list.  Along the top of the software click on Item Info -> Item List.  Once you see your item list you will notice that there is a new button next to each item that looks like a little check mark with a pencil in it (the column is named Refresh) as shown below.


3.  Click the "Refresh from QuickBooks" button and you will get a popup that asks, "Are you sure you want to update this Item from QuickBooks?".   Click on the button that says, YES.


4.  Once complete, the system will display a popup that says "Complete".  Once you click the "OK" button you will see that whatever changes you made within QuickBooks for that specific line item were updated inside of The Service Program.  


Important Note:  This option automatically updates the web side for the "Item" that you just used this option on.  So there is no need to sync "Items" with the Mobile devices, to get the information related to this one customer, updated on the web side.